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  Learn how and why two Swiss private citizens risked their lives during World War II to save over 1,200 Jews  from German concentration camps.

Read the military report of the brave Zouave officer who was gravely wounded in 1867 while at the service of Pope Pius IX during the Garibaldi campaign.

Find out how the coffin of  an American naval hero was found 100 years later by digging 800 feet of galleries in a long forgotten Paris cemetery.

Find out how the finest simulated pearls  are created on the Island of Mallorca;  can you discern the difference between what is produced by an oyster and man's duplication?

Is  the spirit of  Saint Sophie de Barat wondering through the Castle of Middes as the "white lady?"

In 1816 why did two courageous Swiss families leave everything behind to go to Brasil.  During the trip  four of  their children died during the ocean voyage?

Admire Maserati vintage race cars from the 1950's

Musy families from Gruyère (Switzerland):
Grandvillard, Albeuve, Fribourg, Romont.

Heusch families from Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle (Germany)
and Barcelona (Spain)

Genealogy of the de Meyer families from Oeschgen (Switzerland)  and Fribourg (Switzerland)

The Great Flying Boat -  the Boeing 314
Pan American Airways - Honolulu Clipper

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