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Edouard Heusch

Edouard Camille Heusch, born on March 23, 1889 in France, son of   Eduard F. Hugo Heusch (1865-1937) and Camille Pommerau (1868-1934).  He attended schools in France and in the beginning of the twentieth century he moved to Barcelona with his parents and younger brother, Maurice Fernand.

Renée Chastaing

Upon his father's death in 1937, he became the President of the Industrias Heusch Reunidas S.A., and was on the board of directors of La Metalúrgica Española S.A. in Barcelona.  He was also the President of the Indústria Española de Perlas Imitacion S.A. in Manacor, Mallorca Spain.  This company later became to be known worldwide for manufacturing the finest simulated pearls under the name Perlas Majorica® .   Edouard C. Heusch also managed other manufacturing plants: Pequeños Articulos Metalúrgicos S.L. in San Andrés Spain, Indústria Ibérica S.A. and Perlas Manacor S.A. in Manacor, Spain.

In 1932 he married Hélène Renée Chastaing (1890-1974) in Paris, France.  There were no children from the marriage.   Edouard Heusch died in Basel (Switzerland) in 1961 and he was buried in the Heusch family tomb in the Montjui cemetery - Barcelona (Spain).

Maurice Fernand Heusch

Maurice Fernand Hugues Heusch ,  December 13, 1890 in Paris France, son of  Eduard F. Hugo Heusch (1865-1937) and Camille Pommerau (1868-1934).   After his father died in 1937, he and his older brother Edouard were active in overseeing several factories in Spain.  He was the President of La Metalúrgica Española S.A. in Barcelona up to his death in 1963.

Josefa Puigferrat

Maurice Heusch had two children from his first marriage to Wilhemine Elisabeth Theresia Delorme (1893-1956): Maria Luisa (1914-1993) and Elisabeth Margarita (1918- ?). Maria-Louisa (Liliane) married Gabriel Aragíon and they had three children: Lilian (1940), Margot (1941-2003) and Sylvia (1946).

He then married Josefa Puigferrat Vilalta (1911-2001) and the couple had four children: Sylvia Josefina (1926-1977), Mauricio José (1927-2011), María José Dolores (1928), and Blanca Mercedes (1937-1986).   Refer to:   Heusch family tree   &   PHOTOS

Consuelo Heusch Musy

Consuelo Manuela Heusch , born in Barcelona, Spain on September 9, 1927,   the daughter of Eduard Hugo Heusch (1865-1937) and Antonia Fernandez Rodriguez (1898-1987).  After completing her secondary education in Spain, she attended the prestigious Music Conservatorio Catalan in Barcelona.  Consuelo studied business and languages at the "Printanière School"  in Montreux (Switzerland)  from 1948-1949.   She also attended language and business school in London and studied literature at the University of Fribourg Switzerland.

Benoit Musy

In 1950 she married Benoît Musy ,the motorcycle and race car driver, son of  Dr. Jean-Marie Musy (ex-President of Switzerland).   There was one child from the marriage: Edouard-Jean.  Consuelo's husband was tragically killed in 1956 in an accident while driving a Maserati car racing in Monthléry France.

In 1959 Mrs. C. Heusch-Musy was appointed "managing director" of Produits Heusch S.A. in Switzerland, to handle the marketing and distribution of "Perlas Majorica."  Mrs. Musy-Heusch died in the United States of America in 1979.   She was burried in Fribourg (Switzerland) next to her husband Benoît Musy.

Alberto Carlos Heusch

Alberto Carlos Heusch was born  November 2, 1932 in Barcelona (Spain), son of  Eduard Hugo Heusch (1865-1937) and Antonia Fernandez Rodriguez (1898-1987).  At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), Eduard Heusch moved from Barcelona with his two children, Alberto and Consuelo to Bad Reichenhall Germany.   In the postwar period, Alberto completed his studies in Spain and graduated in 1953 from the  "Lycée cantonal de Porrentruy"  (Switzerland).

Monterrat Gaudes

He started his business career by working at La Metalúrgica Española in 1953.   Under the leadership of his older brothers, Edouard and Maurice Heusch, he learned the management of the family enterprises.  After his stepbrother, Maurice died in 1963, Alberto Heusch was appointed as President and C.E.O. of Majorica ®  - Industrias Heusch Reunidas.

Mr. Heusch and his executive team immediately pushed for continued scientific research to improve the quality of the pearls.  Through his initiatives, technological and quality control improvements were added to maintain the highest production standardsand methodology.   He left the post of Chairman in 1975 to start new business ventures in the intertainement and tourist industries.

Alberto married Montserrat Gaudes-Soller in 1961, and had  two children: Alberto-Hugo (1961) and Carlos (1964).  Mr. A. Heusch died in June 2007.

Mercedes Fernances de Orejuela

Mercedes Fernández  Rodriguez was born September 14, 1914 in Barcelona - Spain, daughter of  Antonia Fernández (1989-1981) and Eduardo Heusch.  Mercedes studied in the Catholic school of "San Vicente de Paulo" in Barcelona.

In 1935 she married Antonio Orejuela Pavón (1912-1936), lieutenant and hydroplane naval aviator in the Armed Forces of Spain.  She lost her husband October 9, 1935 during the Spanish Civil War and there were no children from the marriage.


Antonia Fernández  Rodriguez was born July 12, 1898 in Lorca (province de Murcia - Spain.    In the 1920's she moved to Barcelona and married Eduard Hugo Heusch, the founder of  La Metalúrgica Española and  Indústria Española de Perlas de Imitación S.A. in Manacor (Mallorca - Spain).

Eduard and Antonia Heusch  (1898-1981) had five children:  (family tree): Mercedes (1914), Carlos (1924-1935), Hugo (1925-1931),  Manuela Consuelo Heusch (1927-1979) and Alberto Carlos Heusch (1932).

Mrs. Antonia Heusch passed away in 1982 and is burried in the Heusch sepulcher - Monjui cementery (Barcelona - Spain).

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