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Maserati 300S - Restoring racing car

A very special
 "thank you"
to Alvise Seno for finding
the 300S (3057)
 after 4 decades !

Benoit Musy Maserati 300S

In 1955, Benoît Musy the Swiss race car driver,  purchased a new Maserati 300S (chassis No. 3057) from the Maserati factory in Modena.   With this car he won several international races in Europe.  In 1956, he beat the Oulton Park sports car lap record during  the "British Empire Trophy Race."   When Musy lost his life at Montlhéry-France, on the 7 of October 1956, he was driving a new Maserati 200S (two liters).  Unfortunately the steering mechanism of that car had failed and caused the tragic accident.

On that fateful day Musy's 300S Maserati (No. 3057) was at the factory in Modena.  In  1958 his wife, Consuelo Heusch Musy, sold the race car to the Angola Racing team.   The car was raced for several seasons with some mechanical modification, and subsequently it was left unattended for almost three decades in a garage in Africa.  Fortunately, a car enthusiast, Mr. S. Johnsen, rescued the car and had it shipped to Norway until it was sold in 1991 to an English gentleman.  Following its relocation in the UK, the 300S underwent a complete restoration process at the Church Green Engineering works.  In 1994 after two years of painstaking craftsmanship the car emerged completely rejuvenated to its former glory status.

Even though Benoît Musy is no longer here to see his former race car, his memory continues to live thanks to the hard work of the restoration team and present owner of the 300S.  In 2001 the Maserati 300S competed in the Nürburgring Old-Timer Grand-Prix.

Maserati 300S 3057
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