Maserati A6-GCS/53
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Benoit Musy

In 1954, at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, Benoît won his first race and beat the lap record in his racing category.  At Imola (Italy) he competed with all of the Italian aces who were fighting for this Italian championship.  Even after having spun out two times, he finished the race in 7th position.

At the 1954 Grand-Prix of Bremgarten (Bern) Benoît was the "moral winner" of the race with his 2 liter car, in second position behind W. Daetwyler, who was driving a very powerful blower driven Alfa-Romeo 4.5 liter.   At the 25th Grand Prix of the "Frontières" in Chimay, with a great deal of skill, he finished the race in first place.The Maserati A6 GCS/2000 is delivered with a two liter engine (1,985,6 cm3).  It has a compression ratio of 8.5 and develops 180 horsepowers at 7,300 rpm.  Its technical specification reports 90.6 horses per liter.  The weight of the car is approximately 700 kilos (1,543 lbs.) with a maximum speed of 235 km (146 miles/h).  The gear box specifications are: 1st gear: 120 km (75 miles); 2nd gear: 160 km (99.5 miles); 3rd: 200 km (124 miles); 4th: 230 km (143 miles).   The braking surface is 1,142 cm2 and has excellent road handling characteristics and sensational braking.

For Benoît Musy the A6-GCS was an excellent car for him to make the transition from motorcycle racing to single-seat racing car.  With this car he rapidly proved himself as a worthy competitor.

"Prix of Bremgarten 1954"  (Switzerland) with Benoît Musy
 in second place in front of  Ivo Badaracco (Jaguar) et
Ruf  (Ferrari), during a rain shower.
Printed on canvas 70 x 50 cm  - limited  and numbered.
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   Victor Fischer Motorsport
Motorsport-Illustrationen & Graphic Design
CH - 5023 Biberstein  (Suisse)

Maserati A6-GCS/53  -  2 liters

Model Production Years



DOHC Straight 6 cyl.


1985.6 cc


3 Weber 40DCO3

Maximum power

160-170 hp @ 7500 rpm

Maximum speed

235 km/h = 146 miles/h

Maserati motor 2 L.
Benoit Musy Maserati A6-GCS/53
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