Oulton Park 1955

Historic video / Maserati 300S
Oulton Park U.K. - 1955 & Swedish Grand Prix - 1956

Video CD (mpg.) Total time:  17 minutes/49 seconds
Audio:  silent (except for music background on some scenes)

When you view this production, you will experience the excitement of the racing world in 1955-56, with videos of vintage races with Benoît Musy in the Maserati 300S (No. 3057),  famous for its unique "white bonnet."  You will see famous racers of the time and Benoit's friends,  including "el maestro," Juan Manuel Fangio (winner of 5 world championships), Joakim Bonnier, Alfonso de Portago, Harry Schell, Jean Behra, and other "racing legends" of the glorious 1950's decade. Click here to see film clips

Racing has changed considerably over the past 4 decades and on this video you will appreciate how it was then in the mid 1950's: the racing track, pit stops, official control of the cars prior to racing, refueling with large funnels, the mechanics working and the people at the event.  Included at the end is a pictorial montage with music of the many trophies won by Benoit Musy during his short racing career.

Swedish Grand Prix 1956
Maserati Video CD 300S
Maserati Video mpg format Maserati 300S Video

Nürburgring OldTimer Grand Prix - Germany - 2001 event video
Virtual ride in a Maserati 300S

Video CD (mpg.) Total time: 14 minutes/57 seconds
Audio:  Yes - real time.

Experience the thrill of being at the famous Oldtimer Grand Prix races at the world famous Nürburgring race track in Germany.  See the Maserati 300S (chassis No.3057), which originally belonged to Benoit Musy restored  in all of its glory.   Visit the grounds and racing pits of Nürburgring - and admire vintage cars, including Maseratis, Jaguars, Ferraris, and other classic race cars in action.  Click here to see video clips.

Enjoy the unique opportunity to take a "virtual ride" in the 300 S Maserati!  Feel the thrill of the race track as you are sitting in the passenger side of the 300 S.  Hear the loud sounds of up and down gear shifting, revving engines, as you race around the track at Nurburgring - like nothing you have probably ever experienced - a rare viewing opportunity for racing enthusiast - taking you back in time!

Nürburgring OldTimer Grand Prix 3001

How to view: VIDEO CD (mpg. format)

This CD video  is formatted in mpg. to play on a computer which has "media player" software. A free media player download is available from Microsoft.

 Hardware: PC with CD player (24x+) and sound card.  Computer type:  best viewed on Pentium II or better with fast video graphics card..

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