Jean-Marie MUSY (1876-1952)
President and Swiss  federal councillor

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The city of Fribourg (Switzerland) rendered its solemn homage to Mr. Jean-Marie Musy on April 22, 1952.

The funeral procession left from the domicile of the deceased to reach the cathedral of St. Nicolas.   All along the route, and in front of the cathedral, a silent crowd waited for the funeral cortège to pass.  Jean-Marie Musy's sons, Pierre Musy, Benoît Musy and Luigi Musy walked behind the hearse; followed by family members, Federal Councilors, superior officers of the Swiss Army, Fribourg State councilors, Communal council, several cantonal delegations, and deputies.

 At the St.-Nicolas cathedral, Monsignor Charrière and clergy members celebrated mass.  In front of the cathedral,  flags were lowered by the city of Fribourg in honor to the deceased, as the hearse left for the cemetery.

Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy

Photos: B. Rast - Fribourg

Jean-Marie Musy
Jean-Marie Musy tomb

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